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Note : AUM number includes the total of NJ MF & NJ PMS products as on 31/10/2023.
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NJ Mutual Fund adopts a comprehensive data-driven approach to investing.
At the core of this strategy is extensive data collection, which encompasses company fundamentals, prices and market indicators which undergo rigorous cleaning and processing procedures to ensure utmost quality and reliability.

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A Holistic Research Platform

NJ Smart Beta is a holistic and proprietary research platform.
Using NJ Smart Beta, our researchers have the capability to develop a wide range of
factor parameters, rigorously backtest them for robustness, and analyse their risk and return characteristics.

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Factor Investing

At NJ Asset Management, rule-based investing serves as a cornerstone of our investment philosophy,
ensuring a systematic and disciplined approach to investment management that seeks to deliver value to our investors over the long term.

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NJ's Factor Book

NJ's Factor Book is a manifestation of the relatively new and emerging world of factor investing,

Factor investing is an investment strategy that focuses on selecting securities based on specific characteristics or factors believed to drive their returns. These factors can include attributes such as value, size, momentum, quality, and volatility. Learn more about how factors can help generate high risk adjusted returns.
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Explore the evolving landscape of factor investing and read about
the opportunities, challenges, and future possibilities of
factor investing globally and in India.
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Deepen your understanding of factors through the extensive research conducted by the NJ Team. Download your complimentary e-book now and gain valuable insights into the world of factor investing.
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NJ's Factor Book

NJ's Factor Book is a manifestation of the relatively new and emerging world of factor investing,


The PMS product offering at NJ has been enhanced and split into three baskets namely
The PMS product offering at NJ has been enhanced and split into two baskets namely

Discover our 100% stock based Investment Approaches that harness the benefits of rule-based factor investing.
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Asset Allocation Portfolio
Discover the Freedom ETF Portfolio that offers international market exposure along with investing in leading indian indices to provide a diversified portfolio for investors.
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Liquid Portfolio
Our mutual fund-based Investment Approaches provide three distinct choices across the risk-return spectrum
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Liquid Portfolio
Our NDPMS service is for investors looking for extreme ease of execution and greater control over their investments
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Navigating Factor Investing in a High Volatility Period

In the investment world, periods of high volatility are often associated with uncertainty and risk. However, for the savvy investor, these periods can also present unique opportunities. One such op

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Robustness and Persistence of Factors: A Critical Analysis

The world of investing can often be a labyrinth filled with seemingly endless corridors of risk, reward, and uncertainty. One of the key tools in navigating this labyrinth is the use of factors, sp

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