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SMART BETA - A Holistic Research Platform

NJ Smart Beta is a holistic and proprietary research platform. Using NJ Smart Beta, our researchers have the capability to develop a wide range of factor parameters, rigorously backtest them for robustness, and analyse their risk and return characteristics.

One of the key features of NJ Smart Beta is its ability to dynamically combine multiple factors, weighting methodologies, and select a suitable universe for constructing model portfolios. This flexibility allows our researchers to tailor portfolios according to specific investment objectives and preferences.

To support the platform, we have curated a vast dataset covering data from over 1100 companies spanning a period of 20 years. This rich and extensive dataset provides the foundation for sound research and informed decision-making, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of our investment strategies.

To learn more about the NJ Smart Beta platform and its capabilities, we invite you to watch our informative video, which can be found here:
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