NJ Balanced Advantage Fund

Understanding Rule-Based Active Investing
  • Select Time Tested Attributes
  • Determine Criteria To Identify These Attributes
  • Specify Measures And Limits
  • Define Rules
  • Test And Validate Rules For Efficiency
  • Combine Complementary Rules To Form A Protocol
  • Use The Protocol To Allocate Assets, Select Stocks And Assign Weights
Understanding Rule Based Investing
Benefits of Rule-Based Active Investing
NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
Selection of securities is on a predefined set of rules, eliminating human bias
NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
The Investment Process Is Pre-tested For Performance And Volatility In Various Scenarios
NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
The portfolio stays
"True to Label" at all times
Investment Process
Rule-Based Active
Asset Allocation Process Allocation Process
Investor Asset Allocation Quandary
Asset Allocation Quandary
Asset Allocation Quandary
Why invest in NJ Balanced Advantage Fund?
  • NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
    All Weather Fund
    Works Efficiently Across Various Market Cycles
  • NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
    Avoids Tax Events
    Minimal tax exposure
  • NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
    Adheres To The Rule-Based
    Active Investment Approach
    Eliminates Human Bias In Decision Making
  • NJ Balanced Advantage Fund
    Manages Volatility
    Through Periodic Rebalancing
    Targets Better Risk Adjusted Returns
What's different about NJ BALANCED ADVANTAGE FUND?

Rule-based active asset allocation

Rule-based active stock selection using factor-based analysis

Disciplined and time bound rebalancing, eliminating human bias

Diversification opportunity at style and portfolio levels

Asset Allocation
Equity & Equity related instruments including Derivatives :
0% to 100%
Specified Debt Securities* :
0% to 100%
*TREPS (or any similar instrument), Government Repo / Reverse Repo (in Government Securities), Treasury bills, Government securities (Issued by both Central and State governments) and any other like instruments as specified by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time and approved by SEBI from time to time.
Asset Allocation
Fortnightly Asset Allocation for NJ BAF
Date Equity Arbitrage Debt Total
15/11/21 26.58% 10.09% 63.33% 100%
30/11/21 36.59% 48.96% 14.45% 100%
15/12/21 51.43% 37.93% 10.64% 100%
31/12/21 52.68% 36.67% 10.65% 100%
1/15/2022 56.39% 35.02% 8.59% 100%
Fund Features
Type of scheme An open-ended dynamic asset allocation fund
Plan & Options Regular Plan & Direct Plan

Each Plan offers following two Options
(i) Growth Option and
(ii) Payout of Income Distribution cum Capital withdrawal Option (IDCW)
Minimum Amount Lumpsum Investment: Rs.500/- and in multiples of Rs.1/- thereof
Additional Application: Rs.500/- and in multiples of Rs.1/- thereof
Minimum Redemption Amount There is no minimum redemption criteria
Entry Load Not applicable
Exit Load If redeemed / switch-out within 30 days of allotment - 1%.
If redeemed / switch-out after 30 days of allotment - Nil
Benchmark Index NIFTY 50 Hybrid Composite Debt 50:50 Index
Fund Manager Mr. Rishi Sharma
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NJ Balanced Advantage Fund Riskometer

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.